• Image of The Ballads Of Child Migration

This collection of songs from some of the leading lights of the British folk scene highlight the plight of these youngsters who often endured hard labour and inadequite living conditions far removed from that which was promised, far away from their friends and family.

Between 1869 and 1970, around 100,000 British children were sent overseas without their parents and without consent. These migration schemes were aimed at children believed to be 'deprived of a normal family life', that's to say orphans and children living in poverty. Some found new lives and happy circumstances but many more were merely used as slave labour. They were put to work on farms or sent into domestic service and their stories are littered with tales of sadness, abuse, loneliness and hardship.

Contributing to the album are:

Chris While, Julie Matthews, John McCusker, Jez Lowe, Boo Hewerdine, Kris Drever, Belinda O'Hooley, Heidi Tidow, John Doyle, Ian Carr, Michael McGoldrick, Andy Cutting, Coope Boyes and Simpson.

Deluxe CD Boxset with extended and detailed booklet.